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Genltest skin tape out there!



  • Improves circulation function
  • Cellular renewal
  • Relaxes fine lines
  • Improves lymphatic flow


Made in Europe


Made with premium Japanese glue medical grade


50mm x 5m Tape specifically created for facial application

- Superior breathability with the texture that represents the skin

- Easy removal
- Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free
- Appropriate for sensitive skin

-  Apply on clean skin (no oil or moisturizer - or it won't stick as good): I like to clean the skin with a toner on a cotton pad prior 
- The best would be to perform self massage or gua sha on treated ares first to activate it
- Tape is applied UN-STRETCHED to pre-extended area of muscle or skin parts
- Rub the tape after application to activate adhesive
- Remove the tape slowly in direction opposite of how you applied it

(remove after 2-10 hours)


  • Elastic, permeable cotton fabric with nylon and spandex
  • Color: light beige 



Facial Kinesiology Taping

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